American scenes : contemporary short fiction

selected and edited by Per Engell Christensen
Bok Engelsk 1978


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Christensen, Per Engell (redaktør)
Adams, Glenda . The Hollow Woman
Battin, M. Pabst . The Sisters
Blumenthal, Marcia . Tearing
Brautigan, Richard . The Lost Chapters of "Trout Fishing in America"
Capote, Truman . My Side of the Matter
Clark, Walter Van Tilburg . Hook
Eastlake, William . The Death of Sun
Faulkner, William . A Rose for Emily
Fisher, M. F. K. . Notes on a Necessary Pact
Godwin, Gail . A Sorrowful Woman
Hughes, James Langston . Tales of Simple
Keyes, Daniel . Flowers for Algernon
Malamud, Bernard . The Jewbird
Marsh, Willard . Mending Wall
Marshall, Paule . Some Get Wasted
McAfee, Tom . This Is My Living Room
McCorkle, Susannah . Ramona by the Sea
Merwin, W. S. . The Dachau Shoe
Merwin, W.S. . Make This Simple Test
Oates, Joyce Carol . Boy and Girl
Oates, Joyce Carol . Where Are You Going, Where Have You been?
Ortiz, Simon J. . The San Francisco Indians
Schor, Lynda . The Rape
Selby, Hubert, jr. . Another Day Another Dollar
Vonnegut, Kurt
Williams, John A. . Son in the Afternoon
København : Gyldendal , 1978
430 s.
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