Proteins, cells and materials : Festschrift in honor of the 65th birthday of Dr. John L. Brash /

editors; Heather Sheardown and Stuart L. Cooper.
Bok Engelsk 2003 · Electronic books.

Utrecht, Netherlands ; Boston : : VSP, , 2003.
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"Articles were first published in 2002-2003 in several issues of Journal of biomaterials science, polymer edition"--Foreword. . - Contents; Foreword; Introduction; Letter; PEO-like plasma polymerized tetraglyme surface interactions with leukocytes and proteins: in vitro and in vivo studies; Limits of detection for time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS): detection of low amounts of adsorbed protein; Photoimmobilization of biomolecules within a 3-dimensional hydrogel matrix; Fibrinogen adsorption by PS latex particles coated with various amounts of a PEO/PPO/PEO triblock copolymer . - Cardiopulmonary bypass technology transfer: musings of a cardiac surgeonSurface analysis methods for characterizing polymeric biomaterials; Glucose binding to molecularly imprinted polymers; The effect of oxidation on the enzyme-catalyzed hydrolytic biodegradation of poly(urethane)s; Novel dendrimer based polyurethanes for PEO incorporation; Identification of biodegradation products formed by L-phenylalanine based segmented polyurethaneureas; Bioresorbable polymeric stents: current status and future promise . - Effects of base material, plasma proteins and FGF2 on endothelial cell adhesion and growthAcoustics of blood plasma on solid surfaces; Development of small alginate microcapsules for recombinant gene product delivery to the rodent brain; Integrin alpha2beta1 on rat myeloma cells modulates interaction of alpha4beta1 integrin with vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 but not fibronectin; Interactions of corneal epithelial cells and surfaces modified with cell adhesion peptide combinations; Polyelectrolyte multilayer films modulate cytoskeletal organization in chondrosarcoma cells . - Improved blood compatibility and decreased VSMC proliferation of surface-modified metal grafted with sulfonated PEG or heparinCharacterization of poly(ethylene oxide) brushes on glass surfaces and adhesion of Staphylococcus epidermidis; Tissue-culture surfaces with mixtures of aminated and fluorinated functional groups. Part 2. Growth and function of transgenic rat insulinoma cells (betaG I /17); Elastomeric biodegradable polyurethane blends for soft tissue applications; Influence of surface morphology and chemistry on the enzyme catalyzed biodegradation of polycarbonate-urethanes . - Tissue-culture surfaces with mixtures of aminated and fluorinated functional groups. Part 1. Synthesis and characterizationDeterioration of polyamino acid-coated alginate microcapsules in vivo; Water structure around enkephalin near a GeO2 surface: a molecular dynamics study; Towards practical soft X-ray spectromicroscopy of biomaterials; A new vascular polyester prosthesis impregnated with cross-linked dextran . - This work contains a collection of articles, which constitute together the complete Festschrift in honour of the 65th birthday of Dr. John L. Brash. Topics include blood-surface interactions, hemodynamics, and transport and surface phenomena.
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