Wild Foresting : Practicing Nature's Wisdom

Alan. Drengson
Nettressurs Engelsk 2008 · Electronic books.

Gabriola Island : : New Society Publishers, , 2008.
1 online resource (321 p.)
Description based upon print version of record. . - Front Cover; Advance Praise; Title Page; Rights Page; Dedication; Contents; Foreword: Life On Our Planet Is In Trouble -What Will YOU Do?; Introduction: Wild Foresting -A Vision Emerges; Part I: Wild Forests and Perennial Wisdom; Chapter 1: Values Deep in theWoods; Chapter 2: The Place and the Story; Chapter 3: Forests and Sacred Groves; Chapter 4: Enrichment Forestry; Chapter 5: Ecoforestry - Doing the Right Things; Part II: Wild Forests, Trees and Diversity of Values; Chapter 6: Ecological Principles for Responsible Forest Use; Chapter 7: A Tree is a Quintessential Plant . - Chapter 18: A Letter from VictoriaChapter 19: The Future of Ecoforestry inWestern Australia; Chapter 20: Eco Tipping Points - How a Vicious Cycle Can Become Virtuous; Part IV: Indigenous Knowledge,Meeting Human andWild Forest Needs; Chapter 21: A First Nations Perspective on Ecosystem Management; Chapter 22: The Culture of Forests - Haida Traditional Knowledge and Forestry in the 21st Century; Chapter 23: Plant Teachers as a Source of Healing in the Peruvian Amazon; Chapter 24: Tree Meditation Meets Shamanism; Chapter 25: Wild Humans . - Chapter 35: Earth's Greatest CrisisChapter 36: The Future of British Columbia Forests Requires Resilience Management; Chapter 37: Aboriginal Forests, Innu Culture and New Sustainable Economics; Chapter 38: Creating Institutions of Care - The Case for Democratic Forest Trusts; Chapter 39: Transforming Ourselves, Renewing the Earth; Chapter 40: Shifting Direction to Local Interdependence; Afterword: Where We Are Going; Endnotes and References; Appendix 1: Industrial and Ecological Approaches; Appendix 2: Resources for Supporting and Learning about Wild Foresting; Index; About the Contributors . - Chapter 8: Salmon Nutrients, Nitrogen Isotopes and Coastal ForestsChapter 9: Life with Carnivores in the Great Bear Rainforest - Notes from an AutumnDiary; Chapter 10: Why Preserve Wild Forests?; Chapter 11: Buddhism and GlobalWarming; Part III: Case Studies Here and There; Chapter 12: Lessons from the Old Growth; Chapter 13: Renewing our Forest Culture - The Art and Practice of Natural Forests; Chapter 14: Restoring a Forest -A Remedy for Our Ills; Chapter 15: The Vision of Trees For Life; Chapter 16: Learning from Trees; Chapter 17: Gaviotas - Lessons from a Global Classroom . - Part V: Wild Foresting, Healthy Children and Lifelong LearningChapter 26: Nowadays We Idolize Nature - or Fear It; Chapter 27: The Powerful Link Between Conserving Land and Preserving Health; Chapter 28: Creating a New Land Movement with Children; Chapter 29: Fairies, Forests and Childhood Education; Chapter 30: Beyond Ecophobia; Chapter 31: The Longest Journey and Role of an Enlightened Witness; Chapter 32: Access to Free Nature; Chapter 33: Ecointelligence and Hope; Chapter 34: Students Becoming Teachers through Place-Based Education; Part VI: Wild Forests and the Fate of the World . - An in-depth anthology dedicated to reconciliation in human-wild forest relationships.

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