Crystal Growth and Characterization of Advanced Materials : Proceedings of the International School on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Advanced Matherials

A. N. Christensen
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Singapore : : World Scientific Publishing Company, , 2014.
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Description based upon print version of record. . - Preface; Contents; Fundamentals and Techniques; Fundamental Aspects of Crystal Growth from the Melt; Abstract; 1. Introduction; 2. Thermodynamic Features; 3. Transport Phenomena - Crystal Growth as a Stefan Problem; a) Mass conservation at the SL interface; b) Heat conservation at the SL interface; c) Temperature continuity at the interface; d) Relationships between T and C at the SL interface; e) Initial and boundary conditions; 4. The Original Stefan Problem; 5. Heat and Mass Transfer Interaction: The Constitutional Supercooling; 6. Morphological (Dynamical) Stability; 7. Fluid Flow Effects . - 2. Cold Crucibles and Cold Boats2.1 Cold crucible in the crystal growth of the incongruently melting compound Mo3Si; 3. Skull Melting; References; Atomistic Aspects of Crystal Growth and Epitaxy; Abstract; 1. Historical Introduction; 2. Structure of Crystal Surfaces; 2.1. Classification of crystal surfaces; 2.2. Equilibrium structure of a step; 2.3. Equilibrium structure of F faces; 3. Crystal Growth; 3.1 Elementary processes on crystal surfaces; 3.2 Rate of advance of a single step; 3.3. Rate of advance of train of parallel steps; 3.4. Rate of advance of curved steps . - 3.5. Spiral growth of F faces . - 5. Conclusion and Future DirectionsReferences; Floating Zone Crystal Growth; 1. Introduction; 2. Heating Methods in Floating Zone Crystal Growth; 3. Crystal Growth Equipment and Preparation of Preforms for Floating Zone Crystal Growth; 3.1. The crystal growth equipment.; 3.2. Specimens of refractory materials for crystal growth.; 4. Experimental Techniques; 4.1. The floating zone crystal growth technique; 5. Floating Zone for Travelling Solvent Growth of Mo3Si and TaTi; References; Appendix I. Heating Coils; Cold Crucible and Skull Melting Growth Methods; 1. Introduction . - 8. Outline of Growth Kinetics - Atomistic ModelsReferences; Phase Diagrams; Phase Diagrams for a Pure Compound; Gibbs' Phase Rule; Phase Diagrams for a System Containing two Components; Phase Diagrams in Crystal Growth; 1. Introduction; 2. Phase Diagrams in Crystal Growth; 2.1. Crystal growth from a melt, m s; stoichiometric compounds.; 2.2. Crystal growth from at melt, m → s; non-stoichiometric compounds.; 2.3. Crystal growth from a solution, so → s. incongruently melting compounds; 2.5. Crystal growth by solid-gas reactions: s1 + g → s2. growth of transition metal nitrides; References . - Growth Procedures and Perfection of Semiconductor Materials1. Introduction; 2. Large Silicon Single-Crystals; 2.1 Czochralski growth; 2.2 Float zone growth; 2.3 Dislocation-free maintenance; 2.4 Imperfections in as-grown dislocation-free silicon crystals; 2.5 Beneficial effects of oxygen and nitrogen in as-grown silicon crystals; 3. Large III-V Single Crystals; 3.1 Growth process; 3.2 Imperfections in LEC grown III-V crystals; 4. Epitaxial Layer Growth; 4.1 LPE growth technique; 4.2 MBE growth technique; 4.3 MOCVD growth technique; 4.4 Defects in epitaxial deposits. misfit dislocations . - Contents: Fundamental Aspects of Crystal Growth from the Melt (C Paorici & L Zanotti); Phase Diagrams in Crystal Growth (A N Christensen); Growth Procedures and Perfection of Semiconductor Materials (A Lindegaard-Andersen); Atomistic Aspects of Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (I Markov); Fundamentals of Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth (P Kordos); Determination of Few Selected Basic Parameters of the Investigation of AIII-BV Semiconductors Using X-Ray Methods (H Bruhl); Multijunction Solar Cells (I Chambouleyron); Application of the Mossbauer Spectroscopy to the Study of Magnetic Materials (G Albanese

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