Alzheimer's disease and other dementias

Stephen M. Stahl, University of California, San Diego, Debbi Ann Morrissette, Nueroscience Education Institute ; Nancy Muntner, illustrations.
Bok Engelsk 2019

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Morrissette, Debbi Ann, (author.)
Muntner, Nancy, (illustrator.)
Alzheimer's disease -- Lewy body dementias and other synucleinopathies -- Frontotemporal labor degeneration and taopathies -- Other dementias -- Treatment of secondary behavioral symptoms of dementia. . - "Although a disease-altering treatment has yet to be found, our understanding of Alzheimer's disease (AD) genetics and neurobiology has increased exponentially over the past few decades, as has our ability to detect Alzheimer's pathology using various biomarkers. In this chapter, we will review the genetic, pathological, and behavioral features of Alzheimer's disease and discuss how the use of biomarkers for the detection of AD has potentially opened up new avenues for the prevention (or possible reversal) of AD"--Provided by publisher.
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