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Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.
Bok Uten språklig innhold 2011 · Action and adventure films.
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[Place of publication not identified] : : Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, , ©2011.
2 videodiscs : : sound, color ;
UTEN NORSKE TEKSTER. - [Disc 1]: Ron Clark story --The Kid --Jungle boy --Alligator pie --The adventures of the black stallion -- [disc 2]: Undercover angel--Nico the Unicorn --The derby stallion --Little princess --Our gang.. - Alligator pie: Lance Paton, Alanna Budhoo, Kate Trotter, Heath Lamberts.. - Black stallion: Mickey Rooney, Richard Ian Cox, Michele Goodger, Jean-Paul Solal, Virginie Demians.. - Jungle boy: David Fox, Lea Moreno, Asif Mohammed Seth, Jeremy Roberts.. - Little princess: Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Anita Louis, Ian Hunter, Cesar Romero, Arthur Treacher, Marcia Mae Jones.. - Nico the unicorn: Anne Archer, Michael Ontkean, Elisha Cuthbert, Michel Perron, Martin Neufeld, Michael Yarmusch, Johnny Monina, Pierre Chagnon, Kevin Zegers.. - Our gang: Allen "Farina" Hoskins, Mickey Daniels, Joe Cobb, Mary Kornman, Johnny Downs, Scooter Lowry, Charlie Chase, Martha Sleeper, James Finlayson, Oliver Hardy, Bobby Young, Jay R. Smith, Jackie Condon.. - Ron Clark story: Matthew Perry, Ernie Hudson, Melissa De Sousa, Hannah Hodson, Brandon Mychal Smith, Micah Williams.. - The derby stallion: Bill Cobbs, Zac Efron, William R. Moses, Crystal Hunt, Michael Nardelli, Rob Pinkston, Tonja Walker.. - The kid: Jeff Saumier, Ray Aranha, Mark Camacho, Bruce Dinsmore, Tod Fennell, Jane Wheeler.. - Undercover angel: Yasmine Bleeth, Dean Winters, James Earl Jones, Emily Mae Young.. - Alligator pie: Every day brings new challenges and surprises when you are six-years-old and you have a boundless imagination. Every part of Nicholas' routine is filled with fun especially since he has his stuffed animals Bigfoot, McGonigle, and Hannah V. Varoom to help his through the challenges of the day. Today, Nicholas' trip to the park with his playmates Monica and Grandad is suddenly foiled when the dastardly Mr. Hoobody, the mischievous trickster of Nicholas' imaginative world, snatches his stuffed toy Egg. Nicholas and Monica, together with Bigfoot, McGonigle and Hannah, set off in hot pursuit to rescue Egg and send the nasty Hoobody to his usual domain.. - Jungle boy: A young boy's life is changed forever when he becomes lost in the jungle and is raised by animals.. - Little princess: In Victorian England, a pupil at an exclusive boarding school is demoted to working in the scullery when reports of her father's death in the Boer War are received. Never losing hope, she insists on seeking him repeatedly in the military hospital nearby. But never fear, with a little help from Queen Victoria, we have a happy ending.. - Nico the unicorn: Hobbled by a limp, a reminder of the accident that killed his father, Billy is determined to lead a normal life. Billy has a difficult time adapting to his new hometown, in rural Vermont, and is constantly taunted by his peers. His life becomes magical after he rescues a pregnant pony.. - Our gang: Three episodes of the Our Gang comedies, originally produced between 1938 and 1944, and shown on television as the Little Rascals.. - Ron Clark story. This drama is based on events in the life of Ron Clark, a passionate and innovative teacher who left his small town to teach in one of Harlem's toughest schools. Clark uses persistence and unconventional methods to reach his students and encourage them to reach their full potential.. - The derby stallion: Part of growing up is discovering something that inspires a true passion within and allowing that passion to guide one's actions and choices. The process of self-discovery isn't easy, and when 15-year-old Patrick McCardle (High School Musical's Zac Efron) realizes that playing baseball is more his father's dream than his own, it's an unlikely friendship with old man Houston Jones (Bill Cobbs), a recluse and horse trainer, that inspires Patrick's newfound passion for the exciting world of horse jumping. Patrick and his father (William R. Moses) clash over Patrick's decision to give up baseball and spend time training for the Derby Cup race with Houston, but eventually Patrick and his father come to a mutual understanding and gain a whole new sense of respect for one another as they begin to really talk about and listen to each other's dreams and desires. The road to becoming a derby rider is difficult, but as Houston and Patrick work together, the two share dreams and disappointments and become incredibly close. In the end, Houston, a most unlikely role model, winds up having a profoundly positive impact on Patrick's life both on and off the racetrack.. - The kid: This is a powerful coming-of-age story following the ups and downs of a young boxer's life inside and outside the ring. Jimmy has a calling to box and nothing can stop it, not even the veto of his parents. So he spars in secret, sneaking down to the local gym to meet with his mentor/trainer Harry. Still, he's haunted by guilt, manifested as the specter of his father. Complicating matters is the plight of his best friend, who hates boxing but is forced into the sport by his wealthy father.. - Undercover angel: Harrison is a struggling novelist who is as good at attracting women as he is at getting his work published. One day, an ex-girlfriend shows up and asks him to baby sit while she makes a trip to Canada. Jenny quickly takes on the responsibility of pairing up Harrison with the beautiful Holly, bringing them together with her wit and charm. Just when he thinks things are back on track, Jenny's mother returns and throws a wrench in his plans.
Clark, Ron, , 1971-
Clark, Ron,((OCoLC)fst01575558) , 1971-
Farley, Walter, , 1915-1989
Farley, Walter,((OCoLC)fst00034601) , 1915-1989.
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