On canvas : preserving the structure of paintings

Stephen Hackney
Bok Engelsk 2020


Getty Publications , 2020
viii, 248 sider : illustrasjoner, diagrammer
Structure and history -- Preparation of a canvas for painting -- Component layers -- Artists' materials suppliers -- Practical advice to artists -- Innovative painting supports -- Texture and aesthetic properties -- Painting on canvas and historic examples -- Mediums and supports in western art -- Tuchlein: early european paintings on canvas -- Venetian paintings on canvas -- Seventeenth-century netherlandish paintings on canvas -- Nineteenth-century british paintings on canvas -- Twentieth-century paintings on canvas -- Production of woven textiles for painting -- Flax -- Flax fibers under the microscope -- Linen -- Hemp -- Cotton -- Lining: history and developments -- Glue lining -- Wax-resin lining -- Synthetic adhesives -- Stretchers -- Marouflage -- Research on structural treatment -- Properties and aging -- Mechanical properties of canvas, ground, and size layers -- Mechanical properties -- Biaxial stretching -- Shear stresses -- Effects of temperature-- Behavior of canvas paintings in response to RH change -- Mechanics of the size layer -- Mechanical modeling of paintings -- Moisture and high temperature in paint morphology -- Rates of moisture response of materials -- Implications of rh measurement in museum environments -- The structure of cellulose and its aging in canvas -- Structure of plant cell walls and microfibrils in bast fibers -- Absorption of water -- Noncellulose components -- Aging of canvas -- Color changes from intermittent light exposure -- Acidity -- Assessing the condition of a canvas -- Preventing acidity and hydrolysis -- Preventing oxidation -- Drying, curing, and aging of oil grounds and paints -- Oil grounds -- Autoxidation -- Aging of dried oil grounds -- Physical deterioration of paintings on canvas -- Cracking of oil grounds on canvas -- Physical effect of the size layer -- Impacts -- Long-term relaxation effects -- Alkyd paints and grounds -- Acrylic grounds-- Delamination of paint and ground from sized canvas -- Artist practice and delamination of paint layers -- Drying contraction cracks -- Conservation -- Collections care -- History of pollution, glazing, and backboards -- Museum air-conditioning -- Preventive conservation -- Organization -- Loan and transport of paintings -- Microclimate frames -- Internally generated gaseous and volatile pollutants -- Structural treatments and readily reversible interventions -- Moisture treatments -- Consolidation -- Traditional water-soluble consolidants -- Tear mending -- Deacidification -- Readily reversible canvas treatments -- Conclusions.. - "An examination of the history, practice, and conservation of painting on canvas"--Provided by publisher.

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