Irrigation Water Pricing : The Gap Between Theory and Practice

F. Molle
Nettressurs Engelsk 2007 · Electronic books.

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Wallingford : : CABI, , 2007.
1 online resource (367 p.)
Description based upon print version of record. . - Contents; Contributors; 1. Water Pricing in Irrigation: The Lifetime of an Idea; 2. Water Pricing in Irrigation: Mapping the Debate in the Light of Experience; 3. Why Is Agricultural Water Demand Unresponsive at Low Price Ranges?; 4. 'Get the Prices Right': A Model of Water Prices and Irrigation Efficiency in Maharashtra, India; 5. Thailand's 'Free Water': Rationale for a Water Charge and Policy Shifts; 6. Water Rights and Water Fees in Rural Tanzania; 7. Who Will Pay for Water? The Vietnamese State's Dilemma of Decentralization of Water Management in the Red River Delta . - 8. Water Pricing in Haryana, India9. The Energy-Irrigation Nexus in South Asia: Groundwater Conservation and Power Sector Viability; 10. Wells and Canals in Jordan: Can Pricing Policies Regulate Irrigation Water Use?; 11. Water Pricing in Tadla, Morocco; 12. Water Pricing Policies and Recent Reforms in China: The Conflict between Conservation and Other Policy Goals; 13. Water Pricing and Irrigation: A Review of the European Experience; 14. Policy-driven Determinants of Irrigation Development and Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study in Spain; Index . - The pricing of water has often been applied universally, using general and ideological policies, and not considering regional environmental and economic differences. This book features case-studies that assess various policies by evaluating their objectives and constraints and demonstrating their failure by not considering the regional context.

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