Ingunn Aamodt
Bok Bokmål 2012 · Roman


Mona er på konsert med sin store helt, rapperen EK. Hun havner backstage og får møte ham personlig. Hun ender med å bli med ham hjem samme natt.
Morgenen etter er situasjon helt annerledes. Mona dumpes på verst tenkelig vis. Han klager på ølbriller og kaller henne for et beist, men hvem er egentlig beistet her?

Beistet er en humoristisk vendetta mot de vakre og berømte med for mye makt.

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[Oslo] : Cappelen Damm , 2012
122 s.
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Mona is at a concert to see her great hero, the rapper EK. She finds herself backstage and meets him face-to-face, where he showers her with attention and compliments. Mona almost can't believe it's really happening, and ends up going home with him that night. The following morning things are very different. Mona is dumped in the worst possible way,and such things easily crush young hearts. EK complains of having experienced the effect of beer goggles. After crying her eyes out, Mona comes up with a plan. Mona wants revenge. Beistet is an amusing story about how a select few can devastate a great number of people, and how good it can be to see a young heroine strike back! 'Revenge is sweet. Beistet is a relaxed read for young people of the same age as the book's protagonist, 17-year old Mona. The author has a daughter of the same age, which shows in the naturally flowing dialogue within the text. The plot is concentrated (and simplified, though not as you might expect) and contains a darker sub-plot that lends a sense of balance to the otherwise smart tone. Above all it is a complete and believable story about those who succeed and those who do not.' VG

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