The 20th-century art book

Bok Engelsk 1996 · Oppslagsverker (Form)


Following in the tradition of Phaidon's
"The Art Book", this is an illustrated dictionary which presents in
alphabetical order the work of 500 great artists from the 20th century.
Each artist is represented by a full-page colour plate of a key work and
a short text about the work of the artist. From figures such as Monet,
Cezanne, Picasso and Dali at the beginning of the century to Pollock,
Beuys and Hockney in the middle years, to innovative contemporary
artists including Hirst and Koons, this dictionary provides a
comprehensive listing from A-Z. The book reveals the works that make up
the art of this century, including oil paintings, watercolours, prints,
collages, sculptures, ready-mades, installations, performances and
videos. Full glossaries of terms and artistic movements are provided,
alongside a directory of public museums and galleries where the works
can be seen. Detailed cross-referencing of artists, styles and subject
matter completes this reference, which is suitable for teenagers and
adults alike.
London : Phaidon Press , 1996
512 s. : ill.
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