The making of Kubrick's 2001

edited, with lots of legwork, by Jerome Agel
Bok Engelsk 1970 · Science fiction
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New York : New American Library , 1970
367 s. : ill.
"The making of the Tunisian revolution : contexts, architects, prospects grew out of a one-day conference 'Mapping and remapping the Tunisian revolution,' held on Friday, May 20, 2011 at the University of California, Los Angeles"--Acknowledgments.. - Introduction : collaborative revolutionism / Nouri Gana -- Part 1. Contexts : roots of discontent. Under the emperor's neoliberal clothes! : why the international financial institutions got it wrong in Tunisia / Emma C. Murphy ; Playing the Islamic card : the use and abuse of religion in Tunisian politics / Kenneth Perkins ; United States policy towards Tunisia : what new engagement after an expendable "friendship"? / Lofti Ben Rejeb ; "Friends of Tunisia" : French economic and diplomatic support of Tunisian authoritarianism / Amy Aisen Kallander -- pt. 2. Architects : genealogies of dissent. From socio-economic protest to national revolt : the labor origins of the Tunisian revolution / Sami Zemni ; The powers of social media / Tarek Kahlaoui ; Rethinking the role of the media in the Tunisian uprising / Rikke Hostrup Haugbølle ; Visions of dissent, voices of discontent : postcolonial Tunisian film and song / Nori Gana -- pt. 3. Prospects : the postrevolutionary moment. From resistance to governance : the category of civility in the political theory of Tunisian Islamists / Nadia Marzouki ; Women's rights before and after the revloution / Monica Marks ; The rise of Salafism and the future of democratization / Fabio Merone and Francesco Cavatorta ; The fragile Tunisian democracy : what prospects for the future? / Lise Storm -- Postscript : preserving the exemplar / Nori Gana.
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