Epimerismos continens qui ad Iliadis librum A pertinent : Pars 1

Andrew R. Dyck
Nettressurs Engelsk 1983 · Electronic books.

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Dyck, Andrew R (Contributor)
Berlin/Boston : : De Gruyter, , 1983.
1 online resource (361 p.)
Description based upon print version of record. . - List of Works Cited by Abbreviation; a. Ancient and Byzantine Works; b. Modern Authors and Works; I. INTRODUCTION; 1. On the Title and Character of the Homeric Epimerismoi; 2. Authorship and Date of the Earliest Scholia-Epimerismoi on Homer; 3. Scholia-Epimerismoi Embedded in Alphabetical Collections of Epimerismoi; 4. The Collection of Ep. Hom. used by the Author of Et.Gud; 5. The Manuscripts; 6. Sources; 7. Editorial Consequences of the Epimerist's Procedures in Excerpting Sources; 8. Relationship of Ep. Hom. to Choer. Ep. Ps; 9. Fortwirkung of the Ep. Hom; 10. Principles of this Edition . - 9. Ὁημ Glosses of Et. Gud. d (from ζετ̔̈ΑΕ·δωρος onward)10. Ὁημ signs of Et. Gud. probably misplaced; IV. APPENDIX 2: MARGINAL GLOSSES OF OS1-2 (= sch. D); V. ADDENDA ET CORRIGENDA; VI. COMPARATIO NUMERORUM; Glosses of AO 1 here edited; Et. Gud. Ὁημ Glosses here edited; VII. INDICES; Index Auctorum; Index Dialectorum; Index Glossarum . - TestimoniaSigla; II. TEXT; III. APPENDIX 1: TABLES; 1. Glosses of the alphabetical Epimerismoi in MSS P and G; 2. Glosses the order of which in Pa or G corrects the order of Oa; 3. Glosses which interrupt the order in Oa but do not occur in G; 4. Comparison of forms of lemma-words in G, Oa, and the Iliad; 5. Order of "scholia-epimerismoi" and "additions" in Pa and G; 6. Glosses of the "addition" in G with closely corresponding glosses in Oa; 7. Glosses of the "addition" in G which lack a corresponding gloss in Et. Gud. Sturz compared with Et. Gud. d; 8. Ὁημ Glosses in Et. Gud. Stef

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