Workers and Trade Unions for Climate Solidarity : Tackling climate change in a neoliberal world

Paul. Hampton
Bok Engelsk 2015 · Electronic books.


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Florence : : Taylor and Francis, , 2015.
1 online resource (231 p.)
Description based upon print version of record. . - ""Cover""; ""Half Title""; ""Title Page""; ""Copyright Page""; ""Dedication""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Foreword""; ""Preface and acknowledgements""; ""List of abbreviations""; ""1. Introduction""; ""The impasse of contemporary climate politics""; ""Bringing society and politics back into climate change""; ""Bringing labour back into climate change""; ""Climate change and the pertinence of employment relations""; ""Organisation""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""2. Climate politics and the potential for climate solidarity""; ""Introduction"" . - ""Climate politics: between capitals, states and classes""""Towards a Marxist political economy of climate change""; ""Workers and climate change: between market, society and class""; ""Trade unions in employment relations""; ""Trade unions as climate actors""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""3. Trade unions, climate and employment in a neoliberal world""; ""Introduction""; ""Unions, climate and green jobs""; ""Just transition""; ""Class, climate and work""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""4. Trade unions and climate politics in the UK""; ""Introduction"" . - ""Union climate policy and ecological modernisation""""Unions and neoliberal climate policy""; ""Unions, climate and working-class politics""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""5. Workplace climate representation: prisoners of neoliberalism or swords of climate justice?""; ""Introduction""; ""Trade union climate representation""; ""Green reps and ecological modernisation""; ""Union environmental representatives: a force for climate action?""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""6. The Vestas occupation and climate politics""; ""Introduction"" . - ""Vestas: class and climate change""""Trade union responses to the Vestas occupation""; ""The Vestas occupation and climate actors""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""7. Climate and class: a missing link""; ""Introduction""; ""Climate change and workers""; ""Trade unions and climate politics""; ""Implications""; ""Conclusion""; ""References""; ""Index""

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