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Bok Bokmål 2011


[S.l.] : Marhaug , 2011
upag. : ill.
ARCN TEMPL: Vivian Wang on Singapore politics, singing at weddings and and a gory theme park. . - BRUCE RUSSELL: Kiwi guitarist on beer, not listening and natural disasters. . - C. SPENCER YEH: Yeh puts his violin down to express his love for Dawn of the Dead. . - CHULKI HONG: Stories from the Korean experimental music scene. . - DANIEL MENCHE: Outdoors enthusiast on running, hiking and cute little dogs. . - Fanzine . - GOLD SOUNDZ: Sindre Bjerga on the pros and cons of running a lo-fi label for a long time. . - KERÄNEN: Finland's Tommi Këranen about the connection between Moomins, drones and LSD. . - OREN AMBARCHI: Aussie guitarist on how he got into AC/DC. . - SETE STAR SEPT: Ryosuke Kiyasu chats about how to start a grindcore band in Japan. . - SISSY SPACEK: First ever interview with John Wiese of the notorious LA noisecore unit. . - UMPIO: Handyman Pennti Dassum explains how to build sturdy noise gear. . - VERY FRIENDLY: Ronnie Sundin about the urge to draw industrial music comics. . - ZWEIZZ: Black metal singer and toilet artist spills it all.

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